Packaging failed: Error Unknown Error

I can’t tell what is causing the packaging to fail from the logs; maybe someone else could look at it:

Here is the projectfile if anyone would care to look:

Hi fanzypantz,

I was able to package for Windows 64 for distribution successfully with these settings:

If this does not help, please provide the following information:

  1. Your dxdiag
  2. The exact type of mobile device (Example: Samsung Galaxy S3)
  3. Can it be reproduced in a clean project?
    If it can be reproduced, please provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce the issue on our end

I tried packaging with your settings, no luck, tried copying it into a new project, no luck.

What do you mean by mobile device? I’m trying to package it for windows.

Here is my dxdiag:

I updated to 4.11 preview 5 before doing this.

The following post seems to describe the same issue that your logs point to, that you’re missing PhyX pdb files necessary for your packaged game which occurs if you selected not to include the following files when installing the launcher:


If this is the case, please try downloading the debug files and see if this fixes the issue.

Look in your UE4 engine source directory…
On my machine with a custom build of UE4.16 it is


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