"Packaging Failed!" Error 4.6.1 Windows 8.1

New to UE4 and game engines in general, so I’m a kind of at a loss here. Whenever I try to package my project (WIP) for Windows. I get a “Packaging Failed!” error. It does this in both development & shipping configurations. I’m using 4.6.1. I opened a copy in 4.7.0 (Preview 7) and I get the same error. I can PIE as standalone game just fine, so not sure what the problem could be.

What is the next step I should take?

Thanks in advance…

Do you have VSExp o VS on you computer?

I’m assuming that’s visual studio, and I’ve never used it so I’ll say no. To be honest, I’m not even sure what it is…extreme newbie here.

Is this Answerhub the only support that comes with a UE4 subscription? I found several people with the same issue who posted here & some are almost a year old with 0 answers! Is there an option to pay extra for support? I’m kind of in a bind here and I didn’t realize the support was “community/luck of the draw” based. Does anyone know if Unity Pro works this way as well when it comes to support?


Could you please post your log. You will find it in PROJECTNAME/Saved/Logs


Hey ,
So here is (are) what I’m assuming is the Log (there were two generated & wasn’t sure which was the right one so I posted both. Thanks for looking into it!
link text
link text

Could you please take a look at LogLinker:Warning: Unable to load package (E:/Unreal_Projects/PA9998/Content/StarterContent/Textures/T_Wood_Floor_Walnut_D.uasset). Post Tag is not valid. File might be corrupted.

Seems in both the same. Might need a reimport

You sir, are a genius. That was it. There was something nasty about that texture since just clicking on it would cause a crash. Deleted it manually and now the packaging completes without a hitch.
You are the MAN…thanks a million!

No problem :slight_smile: