Packaging errors 10.4

Hello UE4 helper,
I have a problem with packaging my game using UE4 10.4, everything works fine in the editor, all the menus work and link, the HUD is working properly, enemy Ai doing what is should and the destructible meshes are all good, but when I package I got 33 errors listed at the bottom of the log file.

I looked through my blueprints and got the errors down to 23, then to 15, but now it’s back up to 22 odd errors and I am at a loss at how to fix them or where I should be looking, as a 3D artist & animator, I’m not the best at understanding code, so please be gentle (LOL)

Here is a copy of the packaging error log.

Thank you for your time in advance.

Cheers Jeff B
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Hi jif3d,

In your output log, search for “Warning/Error Summary.” Directly under that it will list what is specifically causing your packaging to fail:

Unfortunately there is no easy fix. You will have to fix these item by item. For instance:

Error Could not find a function named “IsRunning” in ‘HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint’… Make sure ‘HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint’ has been compiled for “Is Running.”

You will have to open “HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint” and fix or delete the function “IsRunning” then compile.

Also, it looks like there are some directory issues with the Infinity Blade assets. Right-clicking the Contents folder and selecting “Fix up redirectors in folder” may fix this issue.

Fix these issues first, then try to package.



Hello .

I did the right click redirection fix and that got my errors down from 22 to 15…yay

Another look at the errors and I noticed that it was still referencing blueprints I didn’t use at all, as I made custom blueprints for my character and bot, but once I totally deleted those 3 blueprints (HeroTPP_AnimBlueprint, BotShoot and Bot_something_LOS)…my packaging compile worked !

WOOHOO, you don’t know how long I have been working trying to fix it (and slowly going insane), but I’m stoked now I can get on with life…oh yeah and game development ! LOL

Thanks you for your time and advice and you can mark this one as FIXED :o)