Packaging ERROR

I have a question about error am having when packaging my game in Unreal Engine 5.

do you know how to fix this error because the game is not opening after the package is done.

LogFeaturePack: Error: Error in Feature pack C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_5.0/FeaturePacks/TP_VirtualRealityBP.upack. Failed to parse manifest: Invalid Json Token. Line: 43 Ch: 4

It say line:43 CH:4 But am using Blue print.


PackagingResults: Error: GameDefaultMap contains a redirected reference ‘/Game/Untitled’. The intended asset will fail to load in a packaged build. Select the intended asset again in Project Settings to fix this issue

how to fix it please???

did you find any solution so far?

Unfortunately no.
Do you have the same problems?

I’ve been having the same problem recently, i think i’ve already concluded this happens to all my projects, even older ones i haven’t touched, but packaging worked fine. I think this is a glitch made by the developers themselves, so i’ve stopped working on fixing this for a bit, and i’m assuming it’ll get fixed by the next update. If you’re really desperate though, you could try installing an earlier version of unreal 5 and seeing it packaging goes well, to convince yourself it’s a problem with the program itself right now

Well, the first part I’m not sure about, but the part about the Map being redirected is usually caused by moving the level file from one folder to another. This causes a ‘redirect’ that the compiler kicks back. It can be solved by going into Project Settings - Maps and Modes and simply reselecting the game default map (even if it’s already selected, it will clear the Redirect).

Ok, this isn’t an official resolve, but i’ve fixed it by migrating everything to a different project that for some reason didn’t have these packaging issues. It wasn’t a big challenge either, all it took was like 10 minutes to reselect all objects for any animation i had (i think i have around 50 animations in the project), cause it seems the animations lost date on what object they animated.
Keep in mind, i migrated everything to a copy of a different project that was made in ue4, instead of migrating it into a fresh new project, cause the projects gave me weird lighting, and it also made my game lag way more. So if you have a ue4 project that doesn’t have packaging issues, just create a copy of the project, and migrate your game to it