Packaging error with example plugin installed (Repo update)


I want to create a plugin for blueprint projects, but it results in packaging errors, here is a repo:

  1. create a C++ game project (basic code)
  2. plugins → new plugin-> Editor Mode,
    give a name and click “create
  3. restart the C++ game project, the plugin will be built and generate binaries.
  4. close the C++ game project.
  5. create a blueprint game project (blank), then
    close it
  6. copy the plugin to the blueprint
    game project folder : plugins/[plugin name]
  7. open the blueprint game project
  8. package project → mac (or win64)
  9. mono: ERROR: No modules found to
    build. All requested binaries were
    already part of the installed engine

New C++ Class, which seems covert the blueprint game project to a C++ game project.
Install substance plugin

I can reproduce the problem 4.12.3, but can not reproduce in 4.10.4

Hello Yashiz,

As stated in you workaround, adding a C++ class will fix the issue as it is required to be using a code based project if including a plugin’s source. If you were using a binary plugin (i.e. one from the marketplace) in your engine, it wouldn’t require this. This is due to the plugin needing to be compiled during the packaging process yet the compile not being able to happen as there are no modules present, since the project itself doesn’t have one as a pure blueprint project.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your answer.

I am a developer of modo material importer plugin, which is on the marketplace already. If I install our plugin from the marketplace, there is still such an issue that packaging error on blueprint on Mac OSX.

ERROR: No modules found to build. All requested binaries were already part of the installed engine data.

You can find the plugin here.

I was looking into some official plugins and trying to find out why modo plugin is bugged.

We are aware of the issue with your plugin as we’ve had to suggest that users disable this plugin while packaging in the past. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with plugin development to be able to determine why your particular plugin is causing this issue.

Hi Matthew,

This issue seems not only happen on modo plugin, please check my updated repo steps. You can also check the latest one here:

The issue seems a regression, as it worked in 4.10.4, but broke in 4.12.3, I don’t know if 4.11 has the issue though.

Interestingly, if I install substance plugin aside, the issue disappears.

Once again, in that repro, you’re adding a plugin’s source (not its binaries) to a project that has no module to build.

Also, in the future, please don’t create new posts for the same issue. This wastes time across our team as we now had two people work on the same issue for no reason. Due to this, for further correspondence, please refer to the other post you made.