Packaging error (Windows x64) - Unknown Error

Hello guys,

For several hours now I’ve been trying to package my project for Windows (64). It seems that I am not the only one with this problem. I read a lot of similar posts here in the forums, but no solution seems to help me. This is my last resort. I am uploading the log with the hope you will be able to figure it out. My code compiles. The game works perfect in the editor. It seems I have everything needed to packaged a game for windows because I get no error when I try to package a sample project. There must be something wrong with my project.
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EDIT: It seems that my project doesn’t compile if the build configuration is not set to “Development Editor” and when I try to packaged the game the configuration is “Development”

Figured it out. As I mentioned in my edit, there was problem with the compiling when the build configuration was set to “Development”. I have custom C++ classes with inline pure virtual destructors. For some reason the “inline” keyword was causing the compilation problem and at this point I can’t explain to myself why. After removing the “inline” keyword everything works fine. I can now compile in all build configurations. When packaging the game, the editor tries to build it in “Development” by default, so now the packaging works as well. I hope this turns out to be helpful to future readers. The “Unknown Error” when packaging can be caused by many things. This is one of them.

Hi, you can look at my answer to see how I fixed it. I still can’t explain to myself why it was causing problems, but clearly I have much to learn.

hey even I had the problem and I am trying it right now so far it is doing stuff and seems to work