Packaging error, unable to troubleshoot!

hi! i am having a problem with a semester project i work on (at NAD university) . we are a team of 10 artist and 4 programmers and can’t figure this out.

**DotCam EDIT: Saved to a txt file to make this easier to read.

this is the error log we get whenever we try to package the game . what’s weird is that the referenced assets are from a previous version of our game and are’nt used anymore on ANY maps in the current version.

any help would be apreciated


Howdy FredMoX,

Thank you for reporting this issue. If possible, are you able to test this issue on a newer version of UE4? There have been multiple packaging errors that have been resolved since 4.3. Also, are you able to package a blank project and see the same errors or is it able to package?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

hi! i’m quite sorry for the delay (i was unable to find the question page). We finaly figured it out! part of the problem was that unreal was trying to bake deleted assets that werent used in the final build of our game (we ignored the issue as it was not where the build failed) , furthermore , the problem that made the build fail was that certain materials needed to be put in static lighting mode (in the material editor). we build in 4.3.1 and everything was ok. Again, very sorry about the delay.

thx a lot

Hey FredMoX,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if this issue is still occurring. If so, could you please provide the information asked for in the post above.

Thanks and have a great day!