Packaging error - source build

Yes, yes. It’s the same issue that other developer got from runUAT. “RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully”

Adding to it, I did researched all results from UE4 answerhub related to this issue and applied it to the source build. These are the procedures I’ve done and still got the error.

  1. Download,, and

  2. Create a folder and place the content in order of the Engine first then Required content, etc

  3. Click the GenerateProjectFiles windows batch file to generate the .sln project file

  4. Open Visual Studio 2013 and locate configuration manager, Change active solution to ‘Development’

  5. Locate UE4 in configuration manager and pick ‘Development_Editor’ (as soon as the active solution configuration has been changed to ‘Development’, UE4 is default set as ‘Development_Game’ which gets me something like UE4Game.exe. aka wrong build)

  6. After it is done compiling, open a default first person shooter blueprint and package it

  7. There I get RunUAT.bat ERROR

I would appreciate any solution other than the default solution “Switch the configuration” as I have already tried it

Hopefully it is just me being stupid since I have tried the same procedure for UE4 version 4.0.1 to 4.1.1 with no luck. Only the Binary build (installer build) worked in packaging the game.

Ok after getting sometime to look into the log, I found the solution.

I notice in my log there was an error before the runUAT error which associate with UE4Game-Win32-Shipping.exe which was missing.

So yea it was a dumb mistake. What I should have done was this:

  1. Compile the source under Development_editor

  2. Compile the source again under Development to get “UE4Game.exe” for packaging development

  3. Compile the source again under Shipping and set it to 32-bit to get “UE4Game-Win32-Shipping.exe” for packaging for shipping

The only confusion I’m left with is the binary build has a list of “UE4Game-Redist” object file libraries in the win32 folder, which I don’t get it from compiling. Anyway the inital question is answered.