Packaging Error: "FName's 1023 max length exceeded. Got 1025 characters excluding null-terminator" How to change FName?

Hi. I am receiving this error and can’t compile my project. I am using 4.26
Things I’ve tred: deleting intermediate/saved, set use long names editor preference, migrating whole project to a new one, source build and epic laumcher versions of the engine has this
How do I find the object with the too long FName and change it? Thank you for attention.
Full output log UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): Running AutomationTool...UATHelper: P -


Try moving your project closer to the root drive. You should avoid putting your project within subfolders such as C:/Users/[YouName]/Documents/UnrealProjects/[ProjectName]/

Check inside your project to make sure you don’t have too many subfolders either.
I can’t be sure, but it seems the log is pointing to a texture that has the long name.

I hope this helps


Hi, Alex, thank you for the answer, forgot to mention that I’ve already moved my project to C:/ root. I can’t seem to spot the texture name you are talking about, which line is it?

After adding some lines to cpp code I was able to write to log which asset was the engine calculating thus pointing me to an old static mesh, which when deleted, solved the problem