Packaging Error - "file too long" - Please help

I am getting the error when packaging…

"PackagingResults:Error: Error Error Couldn’t save package, filename is too long: C:/Users/wrfst/Documents/Unreal Projects/Dungeon/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Content/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions02/ExampleContent/PivotPainter2/SimplePivotPainterExample_rgb_XVector_a_XExtentDividedby2048reaches2048_UV_2.uasset

I have packaged 50 times before and never got this error… I guess I added something new without knowing it?

I did a search for “pivotpainter” but not sure why my particular project is ***all of a sudden ***using anything to do with that. (again… I might of added something new that now requires pivotpainter “SimplePivotPainterExample_rgb_XVector_a_XExtentDividedby2048reaches2048_UV_2.uasset” ???)

Is the packaging process creating this superlong uasset name?(“SimplePivotPainterExample_rgb_XVector_a_XExtentDividedby2048reaches2048_UV_2.uasset”) because I cannot find it when doing a search anywhere on the internet.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Whats even weirder… I cannot even find the /WindowsNoEditor/ folder path on my computer - it just stops at **C:/Users/wrfst/Documents/Unreal Projects/Dungeon/Saved/Cooked/ ** (I guess its hidden, maybe?)

So Confused… Thanks.

the filename is too long.
the max length of a folder structure + filename is 227-229ish characters long.
“C:/Users/wrfst/Documents/Unreal Projects/Dungeon/Saved/Cooked/WindowsNoEditor/Engine/Content/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions02/ExampleContent/PivotPainter2/SimplePivotPainterExample_rgb_XVector_a_XExtentDividedby2048reaches2048_UV_2.uasset” is 242 characters total(and also the main reason why you shouldnt save ue4 stuff in c:/users/name/documents/morecharacterbs.)

Why cant the path be made longer? Change the length of the string to 1000, no one will ever complaint… lol

Thanks Luos for responding…(Also… great Marketplace stuff you have… I purchased your elements)

I put the project into a new folder starting with “c:\ue4\p1” and it works

However… why on earth is that particular uasset filename sooooooooo long?

Is there a way to do a search in the editor to see which one of my materials, meshes, etc is using that uasset? (it wasn’t using it before because I never got that error message before)

I tried searching for “simplepivot” in the content browser of the editor… but nothing showed up - how do I find whaterver is using that uasset?

Is there a way to rename that particular uasset so its not so long (I am guessing the packaging process is creating that uasset name, right? So not sure how to tell it to shorten the name)

hey! thanks for purchasing my package, new elements pack will be finished soon!
I dont know why that asset name is so long, I also dont know who created it.
Actually, lemme see if its in the engine content.
Hmm, it might be in some example content thing, dunno where it comes from.

aaanyways, try the engine content of your project.
Also, if you find it, you can use the reference viewer (rightmouse click on something > reference viewer) to see what content is using what.

Is Long Path tool a meme?
Im not trying to delete anything, I want to package my fkn project