Packaging & Displaying Android Native UI

Is it possible to have UE4 include Android XML/Java UI files in its app? I’d like to be able to write some native UI and display it in the game. Has anyone done this and/or know if it is possible?


It would take a lot of work in order to implement Native Android UI. Please check out this [AnswerHub post][1] for additional details.


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I’m expecting to have to do a lot of work either way, so I’m just looking for more information about exactly how to do it, so I can properly assess which way to proceed.
In that other original post it sounds like they had a separate app they were trying to get Unreal into. I’m starting with Unreal and want to add in the native UI. I expect to have to write an abstraction layer, JNI, objective-C, etc.

I was hoping to get some answers on here, but it seems that I may have to start doing some deep digging into the code and build process. I’ve created this type of setup before with my own game engine, so I feel like it should be possible.

I think I’m going to need to look into the build process and make a clean way to have it include and build my platform specific bits. If I get anywhere worth noting I’ll post some updates here.