Packaging cause problems with inputs (4.27)

I was just done with my short project I’ve been working on for christmas, the controller is working properly etc and when I package it the inputs are weird. The axis input appears to be double in strength compared to in editor meaning a small button tap makes the character move much faster than in editor. Also the jumping has stopped working. There are still particles and sounds coming when you press jump but the pawn does not move. The jumping is based on projectile movement and works as intended in editor.

The output log shows no errors when packaging so I have no idea what is causing this.

Would appreciate any help!

Okay so I found the reason for why the character couldn’t jump. There must be a bug in 4.27 where the arrow forward vector is not calculated somehow when being packaged. I found that in the editor it returned the proper vector but in the packaged version all parameters were 0. This was a simple fix but took some time to find.