Packaging Blueprint Online Multiplayer game not possible? Only C++?

So I’ve been using UE4 for 6 months now and I’ve made several projects using blueprints. I did this because I thought this was the way everyone was programming games in UE4 even though I’m a C++ programmer. I got denied pretty hard when I made my previous online wave-shooter game using the steam SDK. I followed the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial from the Unreal youtube page to make online play possible. It all works fine and all when I run through the editor as a standalone but then suddenly I get errors when I package the game so I can only play the game online through the editor. It seems you can’t package online games if you use blueprints and Steam SDK when I searched online.

I am about to do a new project for my final year at my college and I am going to use C++. I am currently learning the C++ api and I think I have enough knowledge to start my game. I was just wondering can I do every single thing with C++ without using blueprints at all (even animations, etc)? Only reason is because my new game is going to be an online multiplayer and I don’t want any issues when it comes to packaging my project at the end. So just to be safe, I’m going to use C++ only. Is it possible to make a UE4 online game without using blueprints at all? Or if I do have to use it, is there safe occasions where I can use it without screwing up my packaged game for online play?

In theory, there’s no reason why a BP only project should behave differently from within the Editor and within a final package. You could try enabling/disabling BP Nativization, see if that changes what you are seeing in the final package.

But, with regard to your other questions, you could do everything without blueprints - however, it’s going to be messy and take forever. The key is not to remove Blueprints completely, but rather to leverage them when they make sense (e.g. Animations, AI, GUI, Simple triggers + events in a level, etc).

Hmm… then I have no idea why my project is not packaging when its working in the editor. I’ll attach the log file. It says 19 errors at the bottom, not sure what they mean though.

Log file is 1.54 MB which is too big to attach to my post. Sorry.

Projects might work in editor but not package up properly all the time, packaging is just more strict when it comes to checking code and warnings in Blueprints. Just look towards the bottom of the log and fix the errors.