Packaging as a restricted user

I work for De Montfort University and support the Game Art course here. We have over 200 students using Unreal Engine within a restricted user (non-admin) environment - it would be carnage otherwise! I have notice during packaging that Unreal immediately errors due to a requirement to write to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.16\Engine\Intermediate\Build\XMLConfigCache.bin

I know our situation is not exactly typical to industry use, however, we still represent a significant number of users and I wondered if Epic might consider modifying their paths to automatically accommodate restricted users? I don’t believe the problem existed in 4.13 and I am hoping my testing with 4.18 might bare fruit.

In addition to this, though this is restricted user related rather than packaging, it is a particularly big headache to have to deal with a constantly updating Launcher which partially runs but ultimately breaks the link between the Launcher and the Engine. Could there be some consideration for the restricted user environment in respect of this problem? Ideally a deployment tool and the ability to switch off automatic updates of everything.

Edit - 4.18 still requires write access to restricted areas unfortunately.

i don’t believe you will find an answer here. most here are game developers. the engine creators are mainly sitting in github and sometimes visit the forums.

alternatively you could modify the code of the engine by yourself to change the paths to these compatible with your computers, but it will take some time an efforts.

Thanks for the reply Arty. Fingers crossed their visit here will lead them to the request, but it does explain why a previous request went unanswered.

In terms of modifying the code, I wouldn’t even know where to start and I’m not sure I could find the time to explore. I look after several courses here with over 100 software titles 300+ computers.

i would post that on the forums, notice the difference between the answerhub and the forums - these are separate platforms.

the engine devs visit forums much most often.

It’s only just becoming obvious the AnswerHub is not a forum then, thanks for letting me know. I have posted this over in Feedback for Epic in the hope it’s more visible and the correct section for my topic.

Thanks again for your help.