Packaging Android arm64 (4.22.) always API 21+

Heyho guys,

Im Currently releasing a game for android but the problem is,
its getting shipped for android api level 21+ with opengl 3.0 support.
I unchecked opengl 3.0 support + etc3/Vulkan and set the min sdk to 19 and max to 28.
The NDK API level is set to “android-19” and SDK API to “matchndk”
If i go lower with the NDK API it wont change anygthing it still packages the project with api 21+.
This is a big problem because many many devices still run on kitkat…

Im struggling for days now, i need to package it as arm64 standard for the playstore.
I reinstalled codeworks etc. and i installed everything that is installable there just to make sure everything is right (before that i just installed what was needed presumably)

Thank you for your help!
Have a nice day!