Packaging android app for Google Play

Currently I have an Unreal Engine 4.23 game which is almost 500 MB after I package it with Unreal to single APK or APK and OBB files. But if understood correctly, at this moment developers should make builds in .aab format (android app bundle) to publish it to Google Play. The problem is when I’m making .abb with Android Studio (following this tutorial… I’m receiving an .aab file with size 30 MB (.apk file made with unreal - 500 MB). Which is looks like nothing really packaged to this file. Can smb give me a valid tutorial or documentation abound packaging big projects to Google Play? Maybe I’m using outdated tutorial ?

Aab+Obb together are not supported yet (if I remember correctly)

But… probably it’s possible, if you do it in Anroid Studio somehow. I’d also like to know.

Hello Greg,
Did you find any solution with your issue? Is uploading an apk with obb extension file working properly in google store for you?