Packaging a title with a space between the words

Hi everyone,

When I tried to package my game for android with a title that has 2 words it was giving me package failures, wouldn’t build. I saw that it was because there were spaces in the name of the game/project. So, I renamed the project with an underscore _ to separate the two words, problem is that’s how it looks when I build to android. The packaged game looks less professional with an underscore, plus it doesn’t separate the words when it has to put a word on top of another.

I assume there must be a way to package/share/publish a game with multiple words that use a normal space instead of an underscore? How would I do this?

So, I guess I am blind. I simply needed to change in Project Settings->Platforms->Android there is Application Display Name that lets you enter the name that the end users will see. Problem solved.