Packaging a project to a single EXE installer

Hello UE community,

I am trying to figure out how to make a project cook like in UDK when it is done it creates a single EXE build of the project. The tutorials we have followed on the forums so far, created a windowsnoeditor build of our prototype but our instructors insist on having a single exe.

can anyone point me in the right direction?


You need to make your own installer, the editor right now will make a folder with the program .exe and all the files needed, but you’ll have to create something that will place it in a folder location if that’s what you want it to do.

So this frontend is not like the one in UDK?

That version did it all for you.

Windows has a built in tool to make installers, i dont know how efficient it is though. Look into IExpress over the net.

I like using WiX for making installers. It generates perfectly Windows Installer compliant MSI archives (single files that can be double-clicked to installed, and integrate well with add/remove programs control panel etc.)
There are a number of WiX tutorials on the web.

+1 for WiX Toolset. If not WiX do yourself a favor, whatever you do, and stay away from InstallShield Limited bundled with Visual Studio.

Thank you all for the replies. I was able to successfully package our project into a EXE.

A follow-up question, after packaged and installed I have some testers who do not have UE4 on their machines and they get missing .dll files to play our prototype. Is there a redistributes package that needs to be added?

Here’s some info about the dependencies you need:

I started with this thread and went down the rabbit-hole figuring out WiX. Pretty neat tool but took me a bit to get something automated. Thought I’d post a link to my efforts in case it helps anyone else that comes to this thread looking for answers.

Yes; that’s the main draw-back of WiX!

Thanks for helping make the world a better explained place.

I went through your tutorial. All I ended up with was a bunch of errors and no solution to fix them. I’m going to go with a different method.
*By the way, you have some fancy " quotes in some the code you say to copy/paste. They cause syntax errors. I had to replace all of them after pasting.

Hehe, yes the futility of making tutorial’s is the amount of work required to test it on a fresh environment.