Packaging 2 maps together


I’ve got 2 maps that I need to cook and package together and give the end user an option of which they want to play.

Do I need to add the udkfrontendmap.udk to allow this or will the default menu allow the end user to choose which map the want to play in game?

Is there anyway of doing this without having to use flash etc?

Id appreciate some help guys as I’m at the last hurdle and very lost.


Yep add to front end and give a default map, the default map I’d expect to be the game menu where you give the player the option to select … have the player run through a door to select a map, dunno loads of ways you can be creative.

How exactly can I do this option to select is there an example anywhere, if I simply package both maps, can’t the player select the one they want in game mode?

Why do you need to add the udkfrontend.udk how does this work, do this need to be set as the default and is configured to select between levels?

I’d appreciate some help guys?

Do you need 3 maps in this case, the 3º will be used like a menu. So in there, 2 doors, if touch at nº1 go map 1, and if touch the second go map 2. Use console command to open the correct maps. Trigger touched>console command>go map X.

Cheers for that jp