Packager looking for unrelated file

My packaging is convinced that I have a need for source from a piece of marketplace content I have only used once. This occurs for every build. Even when I am building clean versions of the sample templates.

The error is:
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogUObjectGlobals: Warning: Failed to load ‘/Game/InventorySystem/Documentation/InventorySystem_TUT_Porting’: Can’t find file.
Failed to find object ‘Class /Game/InventorySystem/Documentation/InventorySystem_TUT_Porting.InventorySystem_TUT_Porting_C’

I’ve got that packaged but it is nothing to do with the software being built.

I’ve done a complete clean out and reinstall and the problem is still there. Any idea where the config system is picking this up from and how I can fix it?