Packaged Scene won't play on Clients machine


I’ve just packaged an Archviz test scene for a client and packaged it for Windows 64. The client received the packaged scene and said it won’t load. He gets the error message "Couldn’t start: CreateProcess returned 2. Any suggestions?

Did you try to completely delete the Intermediate, Saved and Build folders, then re-package? This usually fixes stray dependencies.

More tips here:

I would also try to send the client a very basic packaged project (made from a standard template / no plugins / etc.) and check whether that runs properly.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback, I sorted it out. Thanks again.

Good to hear! So what was the issue? How did you solve it?

Adding the solution here may help someone else with a similar issue in the future.

I just packaged with Development configuration instead of Shipping.

I do not understand this answer. It just seems vague. Could someone add some detail to it please?

It looks vague to you because you are obviously not familiar with UE4 build system. When you build (package) a project you can choose the type of Build to create, for example Development or Shipping. Development is easier to debug because it has all logging/screen messages in it. Shipping is what you need to distribute your game. Check under File -> Package.

I figured that out just after I posted the question. Yes, I an new to UE but obviously not afraid to ask questions and try new things. I have learned some and look forward to learning more. I have my 56th birthday coming up in Dec and my goal is to have a built multiplayer game by that time. Ambitious perhaps but I like to challenge myself. Your answer is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

That’s how we all learned. Keeping doing that and good luck with your project!

This didn’t work for me…