Packaged Project Won't Launch

Hello community,

I package my project, it ends in success, but when I open the packaged project, it opens the window, idles at a blank screen for a moment then crashes, without an error. I have the log, which I will post along with this.

I can packaged a clean project just fine.

I have been trying to deal with this for about three weeks now and I have decided that it is beyond my abilities to figure out alone.

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Hello Xessous,

Looking at the code surrounding the crash that is being displayed in the log, it seems like this is related to loading an asset and possibly its references. It also seems like it’s happening when loading your Main_Menu map. Could you try setting your default map to another map in your project temporarily, packaging, and then seeing if the issue still occurs? If it does, try a blank map just to see if this is indeed the problem.

Hello Matthew,
I tried as you suggested, both on another level from my project and a completely empty level, and the project does the same thing.

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Does this also happen if you start the game in Standalone mode or by right-clicking the .uproject and selecting “Launch game”?

It launches perfectly fine from Standalone mode and from just launching the .uproject.

I migrated my project to another and it works fine now. I’ve no idea what the problem was but, at least it’s working.