Packaged Project unusual crash occurring due to unknown error UE 5.1 - FIXED

I have run into a really unusual issue, I will try and outline it as simply as I can below:

  1. I Packaged our game, cooked/built and the package ran properly
  2. Uploaded to steam and works fine
  3. New Build/package, compiles, runs standalone and builds successfully
  4. New Package crashes on opening with only “Fatal Error”
  5. Upload this to Steam and it also runs ok when downloaded via steam on other computers
  6. Restored backup of stage 1 above
  7. Stage 1 packaged game now crashes with a Fatal error on my machine despite previously running without any problems.
  8. New Clean Project (TP) Also packages and runs
  9. Dev build also runs ok

I have eliminated any warnings when packaging, flushed all the project files, flushed the App Local folders etc and it still happens and I cannot fathom whats going on.

As I said even previously packaged builds that ran fine locally no longer do.

If anyone has any insight its driving me crazy!

Any extra information in the Saved => Logs folder regarding the crash?

Hi 3dRaven,

Unfortunately the only info was the log said “Reason Unknown”

I migrated everything to a new project and re packaged and now it all works!