Packaged Project size


I have project that has very little amount of assets and when I package that project it comes off as 1.25GB
I have checked Create Compress cooked packages in the settings still no change

And I created a first person project with no starter content and when I package that It comes off as 360mb

why is this happening?

P.S none of the questions in the answerhub has helped me so far…


Hi dogu189,

Please observe that our policy on “bumping” is it OK if you have not heard back within 4 days, including from the initial post.

To answer your question, please review the following documentation on optimizing package sizes for Android and iOS:

Reducing APK Package Size

iOS PackagedGameSize

Also you can right-click the Contents folder in the Contents Browser and select “Size Map.” This is useful tool for managing memory allocation.

You can also right click on each folder in the Project Folder and select “Properties” to determine where the largest file sizes reside.

Lastly, deleting the Intermediate and Saved folders before a final build can also help reduce file size.