Packaged project make a BP don't work well

Hello everyone,

First i’m sorry but it’s maybe not the best place to post this, but i didn’t find another place in the forum…

I have several problems after cooking and then packaged a game i’m working on :

1 - The packaged game it too much brighter :

**The game in the launcher : **

The game in the packaged game :

Like you can see, the grey rock in the second screen is really bright, and i don’t understand why… i have two light sources, directionnal and skylight and the two lights are set to movable.

2 - Physics doesn’t work well :

I have a character BP, in this BP i have a wooden cart with physics and gravity activated. When i walk in the EDITOR mode, the wheels spins as i go forward, or backward…because there is physics & they are touching the ground…like in real life. (no animation here, only physics).

However ! In the packaged game…i can walk with the cart, but the wheels don’t spins and i don’t understand why… : /

3 - I have a blueprint who always crash :

This BP also crash sometimes in the editor…but maybe 1 time every 10 times ? And i also don’t understand why…i think it’s cause by the physics, but i don’t understand why :confused:
However in the packaged game, the crash happen everytime.

This blueprint change the physics asset of the cart, so the right wheel is not constraint anymore and will fall to the ground like if it wasn’t attached to the cart anymore.
There is also a camera change, i add movement to the character, unpossess it, spawn another one and possess it.

There is 3 screenshots to show you the BP. (sorry for the mess, i’m still working on it) :


I hope i’ve given all element you guys need

I also have crash report ! But i don’t know whitch file i have to send, the TXT one ? There is 4 files in the document.

Thanks a lot guys, help is really appreciated because i’m really stuck here ! :slight_smile: