Packaged Project keeps crashing

My packaged project keeps crashing whenever I try and open it.

I’ve tried to package it a few times.

Also I’ve tried to specify which maps are needed for my project in packaging in project settings

below is a copy of the packaging log

thanks for any help you guys can give text

Hey mercuriusfm,

I see this issue in your logs:

[2017.04.25-04.35.45:941][  0]LogWindows:Error: Objects have the same fully qualified name but different paths.
[2017.04.25-04.35.45:941][  0]LogWindows:Error: 	New Object: BoolProperty /Game/Blueprints/NewBlueprinttest.NewBlueprinttest_C.fullscreen
[2017.04.25-04.35.45:941][  0]LogWindows:Error: 	Existing Object: Function /Game/Blueprints/NewBlueprinttest.NewBlueprinttest_C:fullscreen

I recommend looking into those properties to see if you have naming conflicts in NewBlueprinttest. Resolving these should resolve the crash.

Let me know if that helps

thanks! i only have one variable named fullscreen, but It is counting it as 2 somehow. I just changed it to “fullscreen1” and it resolved my issue.