Packaged Project Fatal Error Crash On Boot

Hello, I am trying to get a packaged build of my game running but whenever I successfully package my project and try booting it up I get a fatal crash error immediately, I am using the source build of UE 5.4.2 and I can’t seem to pin down what the issue is looking at the log. When I run it in standalone mode in-editor the game works just fine, I have tried running a development and shipping build of the game but neither have worked, I have also tried taking out each level individually to see if it’s an issue with the levels themselves but no dice there.

Here is the log: I see some missing DLL errors here and there but after looking them up it seems like this isn’t uncommon and wouldn’t be the issue though I could be wrong. If anyone has had this issue and figured it out would love to get another pair of eyes on this!

Alright so apparently I had turned on the steam subsystems plugin without actually changing the engine config for my project to also turn on the steam subsystems lol oops. If anyone else might be having this issue make sure if you turn on the steam plugin you also change your config file!

How do you get the packaged project for shipping to generate a log file? Or where is it situated?