Packaged Project Builds but Crashes On Launch after I Canceled a Build Halfway

4.10 from source. Packages successfully, but on launch gives 2 popups, one says it is a 16 bit application and incompatible with 64 bit Windows, the other that createProcess() returns d8.

This started immediately after a packaging process that I canceled halfway through with no other changes to the project.

Googling turned up nothing directly, but seems like I might need to delete some of the folders and regenerate the project? Is there a guide, step by step, for doing this in a source build? I can’t find one, and VS wont build when I delete some of the folders that other posts suggest deleting.

To solve this issue follow the following steps:
Step 1: Delete both the Intermediate & Saved directories in your project folder.
Step 2: Rebuild solution in VS.
Step 3: Recompile project in VS.
Step 5: Restart the Unreal Editor and Package project again.
This should work if it doesn’t then you should try UE4 AnserwHub.

Cool, got it working, did what you said, but also had to delete the following:


Then right click on MyProjectName.UProject and generate VS project files.