Packaged iOS game files result?

Can anyone tell me (screenshot would be greatly appreciated) what a packaged iOS game file structure looks like? Is it just a .dmg or does it come with separate content folders like a packaged Windows game?

Thanks for any help in this :slight_smile:

Hi Kadeschui,

If I am understanding what you’re asking, a packaged iOS game results in a file called an .ipa: It is a single file that can be unpacked like a zip file.

Hope that helps!

wittlief, that’s exactly what I was looking for - thank you! Are there multiple files contained within the .ipa? Or is it just a .dmg inside?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The reason I ask is, we’re trying to determine the “cleanest” way to deliver packages to our clients i.e. least amount of folders and files.

Thanks !

There are multiple files, the various icons, the plist, the cooked data and other files are located inside the .ipa. You can use any zip program you like to unzip a packaged .ipa and root around inside :smiley:

OK great, thank you for all the info. I’ll be looking into what best meets our needs :slight_smile: