Packaged games, even empty levels, has terrible fps on decent laptops/PCs

Whenever i package a project, i get 100+ fps but lower (but not like low-end) performance PCs struggle to play it. The issue is, it doesn’t matter what the project is. I tried packaging with a small low poly open world, a very short corridor ball rolling game and literally with the third person template example map. (Each as different projects) I keep getting the **same **horrible performances when i play them on gaming laptops or 6 year old gaming PCs that still counts very decent.

Empty third person template map used one of the laptops gpu up to %99 and had like 10 fps. Like, what???

I am almost sure i am missing something about packaging since the content of the project did not change anything. What am i doing wrong? Do i overlook a little tick box again? (Ray-tracing is off)

Common laptop issue is the game defaults to the integrated GPU over the dedicated one.
I wonder if when in developer mode this is not an issue, but when packaged it is?

Have you tried switching to the forward renderer? For a light low poly project with one light source (or entirely self emissive) I would expect it to have some large performance gains avoiding the heavy overhead of the deferred pipeline.

I did change it into forward renderer also enabled MSAA. That solved the fps. However i am still confused since i can play AAA games like witcher 3 on the laptop. I shouldnt have to turn a template map into a pixel potato for decent fps. Also, I tried it with different PCs as well and keep getting lower fps than i would expect from a level with only 2 boxes in an empty room.

I packaged it for shipping, %100GPU usage was from NVIDIA gpu not the intel one.