Packaged games does not start on integrated Intel Graphics Cards


I’ve been having an issue where my for my packaged game (blueprint project) is crashing to desktop without any errors/crash logs. [HR][/HR]Issue Outline

  • Issue only seems to happen to integrated Intel graphics cards
  • its been experienced by a handful of people running the latest build of my game and they are all on integrated Intel GPU cards.
  • This issue seems to have appeared after I migrated my project to unreal engine 4.21.2
  • This crash does not occur for my last build which uses the previous Unreal Engine Version 4.20.3
  • This crash does not create any crash logs

Step taken to resolve the issue

  • I have no packaging errors in my game but I’ve tried resolved as much of the packaging warning (yellow) as I can.

  • Strangely, I’ve packaged a template game (flying game) in unreal (4.21.2) and that crashed in the same manner.

  • The same template game (flying game) created using 4.20.3 works so it seems to be limited to the latest version of UE

  • I thought this issue could be related to visual studio so I’ve tried to:

  • reinstalling visual studio 2017

  • compile using Visual Studio 2015 and has the same issue.

  • Reinstalled unreal engine.

  • Delete intermediate/binary/save folder in project folder. [HR][/HR]

Test Laptop Specs:
CPU: Intel i5 - 3337U Memory: Memory : 4GB Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000

I would greatly appreciate any assistance to help me resolve this issue.