Packaged Game Won't Run a Second Time

Hey Guys, I’m having an issue I’m breaking my head over for the past couple of days.

Since recently every time I package my project (for Windows 64bit) it will play the first time. But the second time and all the times after that, when I start up the game from my desktop the game will crash while trying to load in my first level from the main menu.

Only deleting the “Saved” folder in both the Engine folder and the project folder of the package will make it work again. Then it’ll work for a single time and afterwards I need to delete those folders again to make it work.

When I’m playing in the editor there are no problems at all and the game functions without any issues or errors. The game does create a fresh new save file for every New Game I start, but doing so also deletes the old one first - so I don’t know why the “Saved” folder needs to be deleted as savegame data is deleted and freshly created every time I fire up the game.

Do you guys have any ideas on what might be happening and on how to solve it?

Note: I’m building my game fully in blueprints and don’t know anything about C++.