Packaged game won't launch on OS X

We’re using 4.9.2 and some of our customers are reporting that the game won’t launch on Mac. The app bounces, the splash image comes up, then it force closes itself.

One user is reporting their config as:
MACBOOK PRO 15" (Mid 2010) running OS X
Intel i5 (1st Gen) 2.53Ghz
Nvidia GT 330M

Which I think should be adequate.

Any ideas? Is anyone else seeing similar? It appears to only effect a small subset of customers, and we can’t repro on any of our office machines.

Hi Stuckbug,

The above user’s machine is running Open GL3.3 as shown on this chart which is available here:

[OpenGL Capabilities Tables][1]

While technically your end users do not need to be running Open GL 4.1 to open a game published from UE4, it is possible that you’ve included assets within the game that do require Open GL 4.1 as one of our lead Mac developers explains,

"In theory you could publish for a GL 3.3 GPU, but only a game that doesn’t use some of the 3D rendering features (like translucent lighting). On top of that, drivers for these GPUs are old and often very buggy and we don’t test them at all, so you’d be doing this on your own risk. We cannot offer support for that.

Please note that on Windows and Linux, OpenGL 3.3 (or even 3.2) is enough as GL 3.2 drivers on these platforms have the extensions we need which on Mac were added in 4.1."

So, in short, I believe the most likely cause of your game not running on these other machines is directly related to the use of Open 3GL 3.3 on older machines. For future development we recommend having a low end test machine on hand to test the end product, if you do not already.