Packaged game will run a zombie process

Hello, I’m having the same problem since the latest windows updates I’d say. I have no idea where to look.
Here are the few info I have:

  • My NVidia drivers are untouched since
    more than a year.
  • The same build (= same uproject, same
    files, same config) was ok a week
  • I’ve closed all the application that
    could be guilty (I have alt-tab issue
    related to adobe applications for
  • The log doesn’t point at anything
  • the only thing I can tell:
  • The exe starts and creates a process
    in the task manager
  • Two other processes of the same name
    are created also.
  • The first one can be killed (it’s
    often stucked at 1024 or 2048 MB in
    RAM) and the other ones can’t (the
    directory can’t be deleted for the
    reason the exe file is then locked by
    windows because still being used by a

In the meanwhile, thank you for the support you give on this forum. So far it’s the first time I need to post :slight_smile:
Please note that I already commented all that on someone else’s question. But the question wasn’t exactly identical, so I prefer to create a different thread.


Since we’ve already began helping you on the other post, please continue to refer to that for a solution to your issue, and post all follow-up questions and comments on that thread. Here is the link: Packaged Unreal projects will not open on my PC - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums

Have a great day,

Sean Flint