Packaged game, white screen on game load

My packed game, development and shipping on pc. After clicking the executable, the small loading screen shows, then the game goes to a near full sized window but it’s completely white, and it stays there for a couple minutes before my MainMenu level loads and the UMG screen comes up.

Is there something to set a static image screen so it’s not just plain white while it’s loading? Or can playing a startup movie hide that from happening?

Or, is this not normal and I’ve done something else wrong?

You could create a very simple scene with some sort of loading screen and have that level selected as default. Immediately after that level is loaded you can start loading the actual one.

As for your long time white screen, I would suggest looking into all BeginPlay functions to identify what’s taking that long. Also, look in the logs, there might be something helpful there. I’m also assuming your machine’s specs are decent, because that could very well be the problem.

The MainMenu level I’m using is empty, with UMG widgets, nothing fancy. My pc is 4.8gHz 8 core cpu, 16gig ram, 970 NVidia gpu, so it’s not my dev box. The only initialization being done is to play a the mainmenu UMG.

It’s the initial time between my splash screen showing and the empty level with a UMG widget for a menu showing that is taking a couple minutes, every time.


Could you test this in a new project and let me know if you receive the same type of behavior from the new project, compared to your original project? How are your packaging your project? Please provide as many details as possible, thanks!

It appears that there was a startup movie slot, but set to none.

It was a startup movie slot, but set to none.