Packaged game size too large

Hi ,

My packaged game size is larger than expected. The content size in project directory is around 40 MB while the packaged size for android is 165 MB and for iIOS IT IS 300 MB !!!

Steps already taken to reduce the packaged size:-

1)Cretae compressed cooked package is checked in project directory
2) Cook only maps is checked
3) Exclude editor content is also checked

I have to bring the size below 100 MB to submit the game…

Any kind of help is appreciated

I have noticed some strange things :-

  1. Though, I am using PakBlacklist-Development in my build folder and I even see the " Applying Pak Blacklist " message in the output log while packaging , but the folders I blaclisted still appear in the cooked folder for engine content.

  2. Second is even more strange. I have some textures which when cooked get tremendously large. For this I am uploading some screenshorts of Tree Sizing the particular texture called “Shield1”. One screenshot is from Content folder in project directory and other is from cooked folder.

First one is cooked folder. You can see how the size of packaged content has become huge as compared to the actual content.

Also the resource size for the texture is same as the packaged size. But isn’t the resource size the amount of memory it occupies on the VRAM??

Also the game size on an android device is 163MB which is greater than the combined size of game content and engine data in the cooked folder.

Can somebody pls help!!
I am stuck here and cannot release my game…

I packaged a blank blueprint project with optimal options checked( like Exclude editor content , compressed package , Blacklist etc). The .ipa size came out to be 139 MB and when I install the project on my device the app size is 229 MB.

Also for android, the apk size is 39 MB while on installing the game the app size is 152 MB.

Why a blank project size is too huge???

Edit : There is definitely something strange here as my game size is also 152 MB with apk size 39 MB same as that of the blank project size.

Hello! Did you resolve this problem? I have the same

To reduce the size of your Game just reduce the texture resolution of all textures and then you will see a huge difference in the size :slight_smile: