Packaged Game Saved Folder

I have a widget, It takes a screenshot, saves the screenshot to the default screenshot directory, then a gallery widget that finds all taken screenshot in that directory and displays them. I use a plugin from the marketplace to retrieve the screenshot images (Easy File Manager) from disk to display them.
Everything is smooth in editor, in pie and in standalone, everything works as expected. For the directory I use “Screenshot dir” to retrieve where the screenshots are saved.

However, when I package the project, usually the screenshots gets saved in the packaged game directory folder under saved/screenshots/windows

This doesn’t happen anymore. I temporarily fixed this by having screenshot directory in the project settings to something like C:/screenshots and had same directory for the gallery to retrieve the images.

For another reason I migrated the map to a new project, and screenshots get saved in the packaged project directory again.

What is responsible for that?? I am pretty sure its not screenshots directory in project settings.

Thank you