Packaged game runs slower then standalone in editor or even pie

This is really annoying, because for the last 2-3 weeks i thought i cant barley run anything on my laptop wich has a 940m but theni loaded up the infinity blade grass lands map “elvenruins” while in the editor and i can run it full speed max settings “i created a menu ingame to control grpahical output” and its runs at 32fps while the packaged version cant even run at 20fps on minimum settings, so just running the game in editor either with PIE or standalone runs at 2-3 times faster then packaged? why? the packaged game still uses the nvidia GPU but still runs slow so i am so confused and if anything the in editor standalone game even looks slightly better. HELP ME PLEASE GUYS :(((

I am in the same boat as you and have yet to find what the problem is. Yet my situation is a bit different than yours. My game works perfectly in PIE but once I package it and run the game nothing works. Pause menu don’t work, on my main menu I have my health bar and stamina bar showing up. But yet in PIE everything seems like a full working game when I run it.

Packaged games default to a higher resolution and the editor itself turns off some of the heavy post processing.

thats because you are not packaging the map, go into map settings and choose the map you wont the want to to test your packaged game on, choose a map where u can move and stuff and u will see it will work :slight_smile:

yeh it tricked me haha, u see it lowered the reolution not by much but for some reason kept the resolution of the UMG widgets at 1920x1080 so it would always trick me into thinking the entire game was at 1920x1080 running amazingly while it was only on 1600x900 and the actual packaged game was at 1920x1080 haha thanks anyway mate :slight_smile: