Packaged game not working as intended

This might be a matter of BP scripting, sorry if I missed the category. I managed to pack my infinite runner some time ago, but I am having a lot of issues regarding the magnet powerup and the obstacles on the first few tiles.

I have a magnet powerup that has its main part in the Coin blueprint (shown in the screenshot) and works perfectly in the editor, but not in the packaged game. The packaged game even recognizes that the magnet is enabled, it plays the corresponding sound, it just does not pull coins towards the player at all.

I also have a boolean that checks if the tile that needs to be generated is the first one and one that checks if it’s some other tile that also should not have any obstacles on it. In case these are true, the game will always spawn coins, but the packaged game still somehow manages to put an obstacle on the first tile, but it really did never put an obstacle on the other tile. This works only in the editor as well.

Are any of these issues already known when it comes to the packaging? What am I missing? I am using UE version 4.9.2.