Packaged Game Error: 32KGetProcessMemoryInfo in Kernel32.dll was not found (Win Vista32bit)

Hi guys,

i have a strange Problem.

Last Weekend i packaged my game in a new release. But since i want to open the game on my other, older Computer, i get the error message: Unreal Engine 4.exe has stopped… The process initiation Point “K32 GetProcessorMemoryInfo” in Kernel32.dll was not found.

The Build was made with 4.13.4. On my System with Windows 7 64bit all works fine. The last build was made with 4.10. This build was running fine on the Vista machine too. But the new build wont. The build is 32bit.

What can i do? I installed all redists new. I installed DirectX, repaired Windows files (scf /Scannow) and so on. Nothing helped.

Bump. Does any one know nothing about this? I Need to find out what this error cause. I have release in a few weeks.

With 4.10 on Vista the game was running fine. With 4.13 not. Please help some one.

After searching i found this:

Starting with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Psapi.h establishes version numbers for the PSAPI functions. The PSAPI version number affects the name used to call the function and the library that a program must load.

If PSAPI_VERSION is 2 or greater, this function is defined as K32GetProcessMemoryInfo in Psapi.h and exported in Kernel32.lib and Kernel32.dll. If PSAPI_VERSION is 1, this function is defined as GetProcessMemoryInfo in Psapi.h and exported in Psapi.lib and Psapi.dll as a wrapper that calls K32GetProcessMemoryInfo.

Programs that must run on earlier versions of Windows as well as Windows 7 and later versions should always call this function as GetProcessMemoryInfo. To ensure correct resolution of symbols, add Psapi.lib to the TARGETLIBS macro and compile the program with -DPSAPI_VERSION=1. To use run-time dynamic linking, load Psapi.dll.

Is it possible that the Engine uses the false entry Point? Could someone from Epic explain that, or if there will be a fix for it?