Packaged game drops fps when not focused

I run three different builds on the same PC. But only the currently focused window run at full speed (frames per second). All other windows slow down like 2-3 times. I’ve tried to set process priory to high – it doesn’t help. Obviously “Use Less CPU when in Background” Editor setting also doesn’t help since it is for the Editor, not for packaged builds.

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IDK if it will help, but try a console command t.IdleWhenNotForeground 0

Thanks! Yep, I’ve tried it. And it looks like it is 0 by default. Because when I set it to 1, the non-focused app completely stops updating.

In fact, everything was simple. There was no FPS limit, so when you focus on one of the UE game windows it took all the resources and renders 300+ fps, while all other windows barely work with 10. But, when you set max fps for all of them, they work perfectly with the selected limit.


That’s nice to know!

How exactly did you do this? I am having this issue now. Ideally, I would want to have the game completely minimized and have it render at full FPS.

I tried this, and it made no change.

you need to limit the maxfps to lower value, 100 or lower.

Through the observation of the task manager, it can be found that if the game is double-opened, the active process will occupy most of the computer resources (CPU/GPU). When using


the game can be double-opened at a low frame rate.