Packaged game crashing after video on startup?

i packaged a game I’m making to see if the video i put on startup were working and every thing packaged fine with no errors or crashing but when i started my game it played the video but instead of it playing the sound from the video, it was just a loud buzzing sound and after the video played it crashed. i don’t know if i did something wrong when packaging it or if its a glitch with the game engine, help? thanks, .

Hello PandraHero23,

From what you described you have set up a project with a media player asset in it. After adding the sound and syncing it with the video you package the game. When playing in (PIE) mode you can hear the sound and everything works fine. After packaging the video plays but the sound does not.

I have recreated a test project and packaged it to my machine. I have verified that this is a bug with the media player. I have entered a bug and will keep you up to date on this issue. The media player, as of the moment, has not been a main focus of Epic and I do not have a time frame for when this will be handled.

The ticket number is UE-12185.

Thank you,

thanks for answering my question and reporting the bug! :smiley: