Packaged game crashes on startup

I have a blueprints-only project running on version 4.6.1. It runs fine in the editor with any of the play modes (Selected viewport, standalone game, etc). However, when I package it for windows and run, it crashes on startup. I’ve attached the log file here. Using Visual Studio, I can see that it is asserting in UObjectGlobals.cpp, StaticAllocateObject() where TotalSize==0 for one of my classes. I’m also attaching the callstack

This project was recently upgraded from 4.5.1, where it was also crashing on startup, but I wasn’t looking into it to see where it was crashing.

What can be done to resolve this, and more likely, what other info should I provide for anyone to have more insights into this?

Hi Loon Chew,

Are you still seeing this issue? Have you updated to the newest version of the editor? We are at 4.7.5 now.