Packaged game crash when opening levels

My packaged game throws a Fatal error every time I try to open a level.
I have a list of levels to include in my setting and the issue started randomly with one level and eery build broke other levels even though I didn’t change anything.
In some instances loads the first frame of one of the levels and then throws the Fatal Error.

Log: link text

did you ever fix this? running into this problem now

I totally fixed it, but I do not remember at all how.
However, I remember adding a level at the time and do the packaging to see if a single level would work or not.

If all of them work then check how are you opening each level if there is something odd.

However, if none of them does open, try to load few empty levels connected between each other if it does not work it could be something in the editor settings. if they don’t work migrate the asset to a new project, otherwise:

If everything works, then the last option is that some of your blueprints are doing something funny, try to use a level that works and one that doesn’t, remove some blueprints and build again. It is not a fun job, but this is all I remember form me trying to fix it and somehow I did it.

I know is not a solution, but I hope it can set you on the right track.