Packaged game can't find World Partition Subsystem from blueprint node

The Get World Partition Subsystem blueprint node works when PIE, but my packaged game returns None. I’m guessing a DLL is not getting packaged/copied over? I haven’t yet dived in the engine code, but will start now.

I’m calling the node from the Event Graph in the Player Controller on a client build (where there is a dedicated server as well in the background).

After further investigation, this seems to be related to the fact that World Partition Subsystem isn’t initialized on the client because the client doesn’t think WP is enabled. It works in PIE because they run in the same process and likely share the same WP subsystem instance. Perhaps I need to find another solution to check if streaming is complete.

I was loading the wrong map on the server :sob:I was loading the non-WP version of the map before I copied to convert it, but this only happened when the Title Screen map was loaded, which only happens in packaged builds. Sad day.