Packaged build missing

After compiling the most recent github release tag “4.17.1-release”, and packaging my project for Linux as a development build, I get an error when trying to run it:

/home/ramon/Sources/Stage9-VXGI/Build/LinuxNoEditor/Stage9/Binaries/Linux/Stage9: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Without any configuration changes to my project this same project ran properly under 4.16.

This is the only reference I’ve seen to others having this problem.

Hey simplicityagent-

This issue (and the forum you linked to) have been reported internally as UEENGQA-15077 and appears to be an issue with Async loading / Event Driven Loading. If you have either of these enabled, please try disabling them and package again.


Doug Wilson

Can you elaborate on this. I have it with even 4.18.2 and I’m not sure where this setting might be etc.