Packaged app crashing due to Huge MorphTarget Delta found

Log of the crash:

[2019.02.22-11.33.37:528][501]LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: MaximumValues[0] < +32752.0f && MaximumValues[1] < +32752.0f && MaximumValues[2] < +32752.0f && MaximumValues[3] < +32752.0f [File:D:\Build\++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\SkeletalMeshLODRenderData.cpp] [Line: 222]
[2019.02.22-11.33.37:528][501]LogOutputDevice: Error: Huge MorphTarget Delta found in Base_0_0 at index 0, might break down because we use half float storage

The project does use quite few alembic files imported as a skeletal mesh. The app is crashing every second, third attempt when trying to open the level from main menu. So, the crashes are inconsistent, I mean it doesn’t happen always.

I’ve been digging through the source code, but found nothing that would bring me closer to a solution. Crashes stopped when all of the alembic files were removed from either the scene and content browser, however I need to keep those in the project.

Would appreciate any guidelines as to what huge delta means in this case, would it be different vert count between base_0_0 and the next in hierarchy ? Too big vert count on each morph target or something else.

Bump. Got same problem here. Weirdly when I created different levels with 10-20 of skeletal meshes of same kind, to find out which one is crashing, the problem does not occur