Package win64 for windows 4.8 preview 2

[link text][1]when I package the game in x64 bit and I try to open the exe in Windowsnoeditor he don’t launch.
And don’t have any Icon too.


PS : In the unreal version I get some trouble like I don’t have the grey character but still the old blue…

Hi Charles,

Can you attach the entirety of your output logs to this thread as a txt file? The attached screenshot cuts off some important info.


Yeah no pb

That it but I recompile and now the game launch but I still have no icon and any Ideas why I still get the blue old guy (I want the new :))!

Hi Charles,

I can’t advise yet about why you’re seeing the original blue figure, but I can tell you I was able to reproduce the icon problem on previews 1 and 2, but I was able to confirm that it has been fixed. It should make it into preview 3, and if not that, it will definitely make it into the actual 4.8 release.