Package w/ Shipping config for windows not working.

Noob here. I have been scouring the internet for the past 2 days trying to figure out what the problem has been with my set up that will not allow me to successfully package with the shipping mode. Please help…

The project is a modified FPS Blueprint project. When packaging in both developer and shipping config I have been able to run the application out of the base WindowsNoEditor folder, but when I go into WindowsNoEditor>Engine>Binaries>Win64 folder to run the stand alone version it just shows a black screen. I have checked to make sure there is a map allocated to the game default map setting in the project settings so its not that. I’ve adjusted the defaulteditor.ini file to allow blueprints to be copied, figured out the problem where is wasn’t copying the GlobalShaderCache_PCD3D_SM5.bin file to the right location, and i’m currently downloading Visual Studio community because that might be the problem (even though to my knowledge there is no C++ assets in my project so is apparently shouldn’t affect this problem).

I’m using UE4 to practice creating a playable walk through for Architectural Visualization purposes, so I really need to figure out how to get an application that will work on a computer that does not have any Unreal software installed on it.

Hello dgreenzalis,

When it comes to packaging for shipping, while that .exe that is in WindowsNoEditor>Engine>Binaries>Win64 is needed, the .exe that you should be using is the one that is in the base WindowsNoEditor folder which matches the name of your project.

When sending the packaged project to another person that does not have UE4 installed, as long as you have “Include Prerequisites” checked when you package, they should be able to navigate to Engine>Extras>Redist>en-us and run the UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe installer to install said prerequisites. These are required to play packaged projects, as you also had these installed when you installed the engine and it is what allows you to run the packaged product.

Could you give this a go and see if it will launch correctly?