Package vs Launch on device

What do people think about these? Packaging for me has always worked fine, while launch on device seems quite buggy/useless for me… it tends to crash after splash screen 50% of the time, and seems a lot slower in general to compile even though its supposed to be just one level. After testing “Launch on device” it also caused problems with my package bat installation, requiring a manual uninstall of the app. So I’m wondering if there are actually any advantages to using it considering most mobile games are quite quick to package?

Do hou package on etc2 and launch on ASTC?

I think that launch lanches the current level. I dont know if it collects all dependencies like when you compile

I package on ASTC. The launch variant was set to “default”, whatever that is.

You should package on etc2.or using android all if you want.
Astc is slow to compress and is intended for vulkan and so

Really? Didn’t really notice, but I’ll try it.